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Enjoy the following DIY bed plans brought to you in association with Build a traditional bunk bed set, a trundle bed for that special guest room, a popular captain's bed with storage and more!

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Trundle Bed PlansTrundle Bed Plans

Here is a rare, practical piece. The word "trundle" means small wheel and that is what the lower bed has -- small wheels for rolling under the bed frame. Project is ideal for use in any bedroom as a unique space saver. The joinery is accomplished with keyed / pegged tenons, as was used by early craftsmen. Overall the bed is 39 ½" H x 42" W x 83 ⅛" L. The plans detail twin size only, but the intermediate could easily expand the project. ▸ Get the Plans

Captains Bed PlansCaptain's Bed Plans

This traditional style of bed converts unused space into a convenient system of drawers. The headboard and footboard are built separately for ease in moving, plus they can be bolted to either end of the rail/drawer assembly so that drawers can be on either side depending on your desired room arrangement. Builds a twin size: 40 ⅜" W x 79 ⅛" L. Headboard: 36 ⅞" H. Footboard: 23" H. ▸ Get the Plans

Colonial Bed PlansColonial Bed Plans

The authentic beds, made between 1790 and 1800, were especially popular in Virginia. Turning the posts and spindles will delight the wood turning enthusiast, though one could just as easily use square or tapered legs along with purchased spindles. Each headpost is to be turned in two sections so it can be handled by the average home lathe turner. Both twin and full size beds are detailed by the plan. The 39" high design will prove to be a most rewarding project. ▸ Get the Plans

Storage Headboard PlansStorage Headboard Plans

Build this practical storage headboard for your twin or full size bed. The sliding doors conceal cabinet space which also makes a useful pillow rest for reading. The free space area between the cabinets provides space for a clock, radio, books, etc.. This project is easy to build using our large format plan. The finished headboard is: 8 ⅜" D x 59 ¾" (full), 44 ½" (twin), x 36" H. Twin and full sizes are detailed by the plans you receive. ▸ Get the Plans

Early American Bed PlansEarly American Bed Plans

A splendid example of an 18th Century, maple Cannonball bed. Make it with wood side rails or use with a stock metal frame. The craftsman who likes lathe work will find real enjoyment in making the legs for this bed, though square tapered legs would also work. The heavy turnings are shown with full size templates and there is a list of the stock needed for both twin and full sized beds. Headboard measures 40 ⅞" H, while the footboard is 32 ⅞" H. ▸ Get the Plans

Bunk Bed PlansTraditional Bunk Bed Plans

Here is a plan that is in great demand. It is a fine wood turning project in sturdy Early American Styling designed to withstand heavy use. These bunks can be re-assembled as a pair of twin beds. The plan shows the easy to make moveable ladder and guard rail. Any standard twin size mattresses can be used with these beds. Assembled as bunk beds, they're 42 ½" W x 83" L x 63 ¼" H. ▸ Get the Plans

Pencil Post Canopy Bed PlansPencil Post Canopy Bed Plans

Canopy beds were very popular in the 18th Century when houses were often drafty and poorly insulated. Practical and graceful, the 80" high Pencil Post bed can be used with or without the canopy frame. The plan gives details for two sizes. Twin: 59" x 80 ¼", and Double: 64 ¾" x 85 ¼". Use of Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut or Maple is recommended. ▸ Get the Plans

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