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Metalsmithing ~ Silversmithing

Reference books for the artist or craftsman who works with metal, esp. in making sculptures, jewelry, etc. - in association with ...

Metalsmith's Book of Boxes and Lockets

by Tim McCreight April 2, 2007
This book is a follow-up to the highly successful "Jewelry Fundamentals of Metalsmithing" and has the same high quality photos and practical information.

In addition to featuring scores of exciting boxes by contemporary designers from around the world, the book describes dozens of hinges, catches and construction techniques in practical detail. Intended for intermediate metalsmiths, this book will not only teach you how to make that special hinge, but get you excited about what to do with it. » Buy the Book
Creative Metal Forming
Metal Forming
Making Metal Jewelry
Metal Jewelry
Practical Casting
Practical Casting
by Tim McCreight
for Jewelry Makers

Goldsmithing & Silver Work

Jewelry, Vessels & Ornaments
This book is a follow-up to the highly successful "Jewelry Fundamentals of Metalsmithing" and has the same high quality photos and practical information.

Experience the pleasure of crafting with precious metals, and of using your creativity and skills to produce objects of great beauty. Hundreds of color photographs illustrate the procedures in rich detail, and display a breathtaking assortment of pieces by talented artists. Each innovative project introduces techniques that range from casting, stamping, hand engraving, and electroplating to the more specialized ... » Buy the Book
Decorative Ironwork
Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork : Tools, Techniques, Inspiration
Sculptural Ironwork
The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals
The Colouring, Bronzing
& Patination of Metals
Mexican Silver 20th Century
Mexican Silver
20th Century

Complete Jewelry Making Course

by Jinks McGrath (Oct. 2007)
Complete Jewelry Making CourseThis comprehensive and heavily illustrated manual teaches the craft of jewelry making to students looking to create professional quality items.

The author covers every step of the process, from creating original design concepts to fashioning professionally finished pieces of jewelry. She lists all required tools and equipment, explains their uses, advises on safe working practices, and then guides her readers through every stage of the jewelry making process in a series of carefully structured tutorials ... » Buy the Book
The Complete Metalsmith : An Illustrated Handbook
The Complete
The Backyard Blacksmith
The Backyard
Metal Crafting Workshop
Metal Crafting
The Fine Art of the Tin Can : Techniques and Inspirations
The Fine Art
of the Tin Can

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