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Profitable Woodworking ~ Pricing Your Work

Thinking about making a living selling your woodworking or arts and crafts on the web? Here are some good reference guides to help you along the way - in association with ...

The Woodworker's Guide to Pricing Your Work

Explore Arizona in all its rugged grandeur and historical environment ...

Thousands of woodworkers want to make money from their woodworking. This is the only book on the market that gives them the information they need to make a profit. The revised third edition of this best-selling guide provides:

» Estimating project material costs
» Determining the value of shop time
» Ways to develop the correct business image
» How competitively price projects
» How to use the Internet for marketing and budgets
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Woodworking Business 101

A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers ...

This book helps you avoid the common small business mistakes that keep woodworkers from making a profit. Besides the basics of the woodworking business, this book includes critically important aspects of contracting for work plus other aspects of the business of woodworking such as:

» Licenses, local and federal taxes
» Best ways to deal with suppliers
» Setting up bank accounts both checking and savings
» Using and accepting credit cards
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Woodworkers Marketing Guide

The key to generating a steady flow of work ...

This title provides a thorough introduction to basic marketing for the woodworker. It is aimed at those who have always wanted to run their own business but have not known where to start.

The author suggests making a woodworking business more profitable by developing a long-term marketing plan. He covers goal-setting, strategic planning and organizing marketing efforts, and discusses specific marketing activities. The latter include advertising, direct mail, trade shows, craft shows, galleries and telemarketing ... » Buy the Book

The Woodworker's Visual Guide to Pricing Your Work

The key to generating a steady flow of work ...

You spend hours carefully tuning tools, selecting materials and crafting high-quality projects. But are you charging enough for all the time, skill and overhead required? Do you know how to adjust prices to reflect current market values? Should you use different pricing for different methods of selling?

With this book you'll find the answers you need. It takes the guesswork out of figuring what to charge, calculating the market value of more than 140 wooden wares, so you'll be sure to get the best price for every piece you sell ... » Buy the Book
Profitable Woodworking
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The Crafts Business Answer Book
The Crafts Business
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