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Birdhouse Building & Bird House Designs

Here are some books with birdhouse projects for the DIY woodworker. Some of these designs are simply fantastic ... brought to you in association with ...

Designer Birdhouses ... for Sophisticated Birds

Paperback by Richard T. Banks - 128 pages (Jan. 2008)

Few woodworking projects are as popular and easy as building a birdhouse - and with just a dollop of creativity, plus this book, it's simple to turn it into an amazing avian architectural wonder. Architect and commercial birdhouse builder Richard Banks reveals his savvy streamlined techniques for efficiently constructing a basic house, and then applying ingeniously doable methods for transforming its identity.

All it takes are embellishments made of common off-the-shelf, home-store items: a touch of trim, a dab of dowel, a flourish of finial, and ... presto! The birds can move right into a classic Victorian, exotic Casbah, A-frame cedar chalet, or bright bold blue home. The 20 projects also include techniques for special finishes such as stenciling and decoupage, along with informative sidebars. » Buy the Book
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Easy to Build Birdhouses

Easy to Build Birdhouses

Birdhouse projects are very satisfying, making them popular with both avid and amateur woodworkers. They can be assembled quickly and with inexpensive materials. And while they are not high furniture, the finished project is on constant display for all to see.

This book features birdhouses designed to not only look natural - with careful wood selection and an unobtrusive appearance - but fits the house to the bird itself, addressing ... » Buy the Book
Birdhouse Book
You Can Build in a Day
Birdhouse Book
Natural Birdhouses:
25 Simple Projects
Birdhouse Book
Birdhouse Book

Birdhouses of the World

Hardcover by Anne Schmauss - 144 pages (March 25,2014)

Birdhouses of the WorldBird expert and author Anne Schmauss provides a brief history of birdhouses and lists the kinds of birds that inhabit them, as well as the types of structures that attract various species.

These birdhouses are spectacular in their creativity, ingenuity, and sheer originality. With styles ranging from sleek modern to elaborate Victorian, they are as varied as human houses.

Illustrating the wide-ranging designs found throughout the world including the birdhouse of filmmaker George Lucas ... » Buy the Book

Cool Bird Feeders:

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Bird Feeder

Tin Jay Feeder

Deluxe Chalet
Cedar Feeder

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