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Halloween Yard Art Plans & Patterns

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Wayward Witch PlansWayward Witch Plans

The designer of this plan has created the project using the simplest of construction and cutting methods.

» Finished Height: 48"
» Wood needed: ½" exterior plywood
» Supplies: Carbon paper, screws, wood putty, paint, rope
» Tools needed: Jig saw and common hand tools
» Skill level: Beginner

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Easy Going Scarecrow PlansFall Scarecrow Plans

Full size pattern;cutting diagram; easy instructions.

» Finished Height: 56"
» Wood and Supplies needed: ½" exterior grade plywood
» 1¼" closet rod; treated 2" x 2" x 96" mounting post
» Supplies needed: Transfer paper, wood screws, twine
» Black buttons, wood putty, primer, paint
» Tools needed: Jig saw, drill and common hand tools
» Skill level: Beginner

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Ghostly Gathering PlansGhostly Gathering Plans

Cut from ½" plywood and paint all white.

» Finished Height: 32"
» Wood: ¾" x 3½" x 60" treated pine
» Plywood: ½" x 48" x 48" ext. plywood
» Supplies: Carbon paper, wood putty, white paint
» Tools needed: Jig saw, common hand tools
» Skill level: Beginner

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Halloween Bat PlansHalloween Bat Plans

At dusk this fall imagine these frightening, but strangely friendly bats hanging in your leafless trees, swaying back and forth staring down at trick-or-treaters. The wings of the bats do not flap up and down, but are fixed. You can build just one or several of these easy-to-make decorations.

The bats are 24" wide. The patterns are full size. Just trace, cut, and paint. There's a little assembly required.

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Scaredy Cats PlansScaredy Cats Plans

We think these scardy cats can be saying either "meow" or "hiss" -- either way, they're cute enough to display in the window, on the porch or in the yard.

The cats stand 36" and 26" tall. You get full size patterns for easy tracing and detailed instructions that guide you through buying enough material and building. It's a great project for beginners.

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Wacky Witch PlansWacky Witch Plans

This witch can be cut to shape in less than 1 hour.

» Finished Height: 47"
» Wood needed: ½" x 48" x 48" ext. plywood
» Supplies needed: Rope, black marker, carbon paper
» Also: Wood putty, primer and paint
» Tools needed: Jig saw and common hand tools
» Skill level: Beginner

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