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Mary Engelbreit Collectors Books

Mary Engelbreit's one-of-a-kind motifs and sentiments spark craft ideas for every season or holiday of the year. Photography plays up Mary's whimsical style. Step-by-step photos and instructions. A variety of easy techniques, including decoupage, applique, soft sculpture, painting, and more. ...

Mary Engelbreit: Attitude Is Everything

2016 Mini Wall Calendar

Mary Engelbreit 2016 Mini Wall Calendar Our attitude towards life's happenings defines who we are. Whether we experience happiness and success or dismay and setback, how we choose to handle it speaks volumes.

With Mary Engebreit's artwork paired with empowering quotes, this calendar proves that it's important to stay positive, to have self-confidence, and to take charge of our feelings because, after all, attitude is everything!

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ME Coloring Book
Mary Engelbreit's
Color ME Coloring Book
Weekly Planner
2016 Weekly Planner
Smile! It's Good For You
Pocket Planner
2016 Pocket Planner:
Just Being ME

The Blessings of Friendship Treasury

The Blessings of Friendship Treasury A playful and poignant treasury of poetry, Bible verses, and quotes that celebrate the joy of friendship. Children will learn from timeless sayings and poems what it means to be a friend - helping, encouraging, listening, sharing with, and loving one another.

This book will make you smile with each turn of the page, remembering old friends and new friends alike.

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Gift Book
Mary Engelbreit's
Family Calendar
Moms Can Do Anything!
2015-16 Calendar
Gift Book
Mary Engelbreit's
Home Companion Book

Mary Engelbreit's Nursery and Fairy Tales Collection

Mary Engelbreit's Nursery and Fairy Tales Collection This charming storybook treasury from New York Times bestselling artist Mary Engelbreit features twenty time-honored nursery and fairy tales brought together for the first time ever in this collection.

With so many delightful illustrations to pore over, readers of all ages will be enchanted by the magical world created here.

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