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Rocking Horse Project Plans

Plan to Build Your Own Rocking Horse Project ▸ For child 18 months to 4 years
▸ Smooth rocking action
▸ Rugged design
▸ Full size drawings
▸ Fully detailed instructions
▸ Painting guides included
▸ Finely detailed trim
▸ Intermediate skill level
▸ Measures 25" H x 35" W x 13" D
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Plan to Build Rocking Pony

❈ More Rocking Animals Project Plans:

▸ Detailed step-by-step instructions
▸ Full-size traceable patterns (where needed)
▸ In-progress photos and exploded diagrams
▸ Complete materials lists and cutting schedules

U-Bild 738 Pony Rocker Project Plan
Pony Rocker Project
U-Bild Plan #738

U-Bild 913 Rocking Whale Project Plan
Rocking Whale Project
U-Bild Plan #913

U-Bild 815 Rocking Dinosaur Project Plan
Rocking Dinosaur Project
U-Bild Plan #815

U-Bild 750 2 U-Bild 2 Rocking Elephant Project Plan
Rocking Elephant Project
U-Bild Plan #750
in association with

U-Bild 783 2 U-Bild 2 Rocking Airplane Project Plan
Rocking Airplane Project
U-Bild Plan #783

About U-Bild plans: U-Bild plans are ideal for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels. Unique "trace, saw and assemble" designs feature simple-to-follow patterns (like sewing patterns) that produce professional-looking results.
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