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A Step-by-Step Photographic Guide to Successful Woodworking
Woodwork: A Step-by-Step Photographic Guide to Successful Woodworking PhotographsIn the machine age there is a particular pleasure in working with wood, which Woodwork celebrates, both in the easy-to-follow instructions for mastering the core skills and in the projects at the end of the book that demonstrate them.

The first chapter details the properties of the most commonly used hardwood and softwood lumber, so that woodworkers can make an informed decision about matching the qualities of a wood to its intended purpose. This is then followed by a chapter on all the important tools a woodworker is likely to need both hand and machine and on how to look after them to ensure the longest and most efficient working life.
The third chapter discusses the optimum layout for a workshop so that key considerations of accessibility and safety are taken into account.

The next four chapters demonstrate, with detailed step-by-step instructions, the essential woodworking skills, from working by hand to using power tools and fixed machinery, as well as further skills that will be useful to the more ambitious woodworker, such as veneering, carving, and woodturning.

These techniques are then put straight into practice in the final chapter, which contains 30 attractive projects ranging from a simple footstool to a complex desk. These are cross-referenced to the technical skills in the practical section, and include detailed plans and cutting lists so that the projects are easy to follow.

Woodwork: Buy the Book ▸ This is a hardcover book
▸ It contains 400 Pages
▸ Published April 19, 2010

Woodwork Step by Step

Woodwork Step by Step A perfect starting point for anyone new to the art of woodwork, the book explains more than 100 techniques and eight achievable projects with clear photography and instructions. Gallery spreads show the equipment, materials, and woods readers will need to make practical and inspired projects from a simple shelf to a complex chair.

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