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Woodworking Carving & Scroll Saw Patterns

Here are some great plan and pattern books for wildlife scroll saw, relief carving, wooden lock making and more - in association with ...

North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw

61 Captivating Designs for Moose, Bear, Eagles, Deer, and More ...

Bring North American animals to life with the exciting scroll saw patterns found in this book. Choose from more than 50 ready-to-cut patterns. Each pattern is drawn with crisp, easy-to-follow lines.

» Squirrels and Raccoons
» Rabbits and Moose
» Cougars and Rams
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More Pattern Books by Lora Irish ... ↓ ↓

Great Book of Fairy Patterns
Great Book of
Fairy Patterns
World Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw
Wildlife Patterns
for the Scroll Saw
Great Book of Floral Patterns
Great Book of
Floral Patterns

More Pattern & Plans Books from

Great Book of Dragon Patterns
Great Book of
Dragon Patterns
Custom Wooden Boxes for the Scroll Saw: Innovative Techniques and Complete Plans for 31 Projects
Scroll Saw
Wooden Boxes
The Rocking-Horse Maker : Nine Easy-To Follow Projects
The Rocking Horse
300 Christian and Inspirational Patterns for Scroll Saw Woodworking
300 Christian
Inspirational Patterns

The Decorative Decoy Carver's

Ultimate Painting & Pattern Portfolio, Spiral Bound book ...

In this two-volume set, esteemed decoy and pattern maker Bruce Burk provides time and artist-tested patterns for 42 duck decoys. Similar in format, these companion volumes offer a wealth of patterns and techniques. Reference photographs taken from multiple angles help carvers familiarize themselves with the duck's actual features before they begin to carve.

Outline-carving patterns guide intermediate carvers through the basic carving procedures. Paint-mixing instructions help create each specific duck's unique coloring. Full-color painting patterns show both the flow of the feathers and realistic, lifelike colors. This exhaustive reference includes patterns for the Black Duck, the Golden-Eye Drake, the Mallard Hen, the Lesser Scaup, and the Wood Duck Hen ... » Buy the Book

Artistic Wildlife Projects for the Scroll Saw

Bears, Wild Cats, Birds of Prey and other Predators from Around the World ...

Featuring dozens of wildlife patterns for scroll saw woodworking, this book goes beyond other pattern books by providing instructions for altering patterns so carvers can create a unique piece of art every time. Also included are helpful instructions on the basics of scroll saw woodcutting, as well as more difficult techniques like converting a traditional fretwork woodworking into a 3-D relief or fashioning a shadow box pattern.

Among the 91 exciting patterns provided are eagles, owls, cougars, bobcats, wolves, bears, and whales. Tips on how to build a display for newly completed pieces are also included ... » Buy the Book

Making Working Wooden Locks

All the Locks featured can be made with Basic Woodworking Tools ...

This guide to creating fully functional, working locks from wood includes step-by-step instructions, color photos, measured drawings, and advice on wood selection, tools, and finishing. Techniques for creating five different locks, including a combination lock, are also included.

Here is a book for all woodworkers who enjoy making moving, mechanically oriented objects such as puzzles, games, gears, and motors. All projects include step-by-step instructions, color photos, and measured drawings. They are aranged in order from least to most challenging - all will develop your woodworking skills and bring hours of enjoyment in the shop ... » Buy the Book
Lock Design # 1 Lock Design # 2 Lock Design # 3 Lock Design # 4

The Big Book of Weekend Woodworking

Projects include Finishes or Decoration Options, plus Drawings and Patterns

This book is filled with 150 classic projects that every woodworker will want to own. It features an introductory section that walks readers through the various planning stages : selecting the right wood, working with patterns, gluing, and finishing. Novices can effortlessly make simple mirrors, shelves, clocks, and jewelry boxes, while those with slightly more advanced skills can try the small cupboard, blanket chest, or side table.

For outdoors, there are whimsical weathervanes, whirligigs, plants stands, and trellises. Some of the sweetest items are just for kids, such as animal pull toys, wheeled cars, puzzles, a winged rocking chair ... » Buy the Book

Woodcarving Pattern Books from

Chip Carving Patterns and Designs
Chip Carving
Patterns & Designs
Easy-To-Do Flower Patterns for Woodcarvers
Flower Patterns
for Woodcarvers
Classic Carving Patterns
Carving Patterns
Woodcarving the Country Bear & His Friends: 12 Simple Projects for Woodcarvers
Country Bear
12 Simple Projects

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