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Industrial Side-Opening First Aid CabinetFirst-Aid Kit:

Designed for the workplace, the Industrial Side-Opening First Aid Cabinet has convenient door pouches and a wide assortment of product will give you confidence in your ability to handle emergencies. Ideal for small to medium industrial work settings.

» Heavy duty steel construction
» Wall mountable
ProFlex Back Support Belt

Accidents Happen:

You never know when you may accidentally cut or injure yourself or co-worker in the shop. If possible, have various braces available in case of strain, such as wrist, knee or back braces.

The ProFlex Universal Size Back Support Belt fits most waist sizes (28"-46") to make back support programs easy. Includes non-conductive polypropylene stays, rubber track webbing, adjustable, detachable suspenders abd stretchable bias binding with zig-zag stitching.

Keep Your Shop Tidy:

Accidents can happen if your shop is cuttered or in disarray. At the end of each day try to pick up after yourself.

We're not saying you have to put everything away, just keep power and extension cords tucked away so that you don't trip over them. It is so nice to come to a clean workbench and shop to start the day.

With the 30-Foot Cord Reel with Circuit Breaker the cord pulls out of reel and locks at desired working length, then automatically retracts with a slight tug for easy windup.
Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker

Stay Alert:

If you are suffering from fatigue or feel distracted, avoid going to work in your shop. The potential for accidents happening are increased when you are not alert especially while performing a repetitious job. Your mind my wander and the subconscience may take over. Take a break once in a while and come back when you are feeling more alert.

The Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker can be used with coffee from gounds or pre-packaged pods. Convenient and simple one touch operation makes brewing coffee easy again. The thermal mug is designed to fit most car cup holders. This make a great gift for your favorite woodworker!
Adirondack Chair

Visitors are Distracting:

If people come to visit, take a break. Turn everything off and stop working until they leave. Children can be a big distraction, too, so make sure they are not around while you work.

This Adirondack Chair is constructed of weather-resistant Polystyrene. It is UV protected and designed for outdoor use. Unlike wooden furniture, the simulated wood will not splinter, warp or rot and never needs to be painted or varnished.

Wear Safety Protection:

Safety glasses or goggles are a must! If you get dust or debris in your eyes, have eye wash handy. Protect your hearing. Always wear ear plugs when operating loud tools and machinery, such as routers, miter saws and table saws.

These Safety Glasses, with 1.5 magnification, are impact resistant with distortion free lens that provide fatigue free use.
Contractor Work Gloves

Protect Your Hands:

When handling lumber, protect your hands by wearing gloves. Remove slivers promptly as some woods can be toxic like Cedar, Mahogany and Redwood.

Try to avoid wearing sandals on the job in case you drop something on your toes! Keep long hair pulled back and avoid loose fitting clothing and rings.
Halogen Tripod Light

Provide Good Lighting:

Make sure your shop has proper lighting not only overhead but in tool areas such as chop saws, scroll saws and drill presses. This will help ease eye strain, and provide the essential light needed to operate your tools and work with your projects. If you wear glasses, clean them often using a good glass cleaner.

Halogen Tripod Light with waterproof on/off switches gives you individual control of the lights, and the hinged face and tempered safety glass offer both safety and versatility.
Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 1.5HP 1PH 115/230-Volt 2-Micron Canister Kit

Ventilate Your Shop:

The best thing you can do for your shop is get a good dust collector system in place. Dust can be quite hazardous to the woodworker. If possible. open windows and turn on fans for good circulation especially when you are painting. Fans that extract air to the outside are handy, too.

This JET Dust Collector offers the Vortex Cone technology which eliminates filter clogging, which in turn improves ease of use, strengthens performance quality, and extends the lifespan of the machine.
Table Saw Push Sticks

Maintain Tool Safety:

Before operating any new tool or equipment, read the instructions or owners manual. Get familiar with the way the tool operates and know how it goes together. Make sure all extension cords are double insulated and grounded. Use push sticks with table saws.

Table Saw Push Sticks offer a safe and convenient way to run stock on your router table, shaper, table saw or jointer. They keep your hands safely away from cutting edges.
Drill Doctor 750X

Keep Tools Sharp:

Keep your tools and cords in good shape. If you can't repair them yourself, send out for repairs. Keep your tools clean. Maintain sharp accessories such as router bits, drill bits, saw blades, chisels, etc.

The Drill Doctor 750X relies on an industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel that won't change shape over time, and a cool design that means bits don't heat up and lose their tempering as you sharpen them. This wheel, which is good for about 200 sharpenings, is easy for users to replace.

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses
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Ear Protection
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