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Installation Instructions with Pictures

These hinges feature an innovative torsion mechanism that is tested to 25,000 cycles to assure a long working life. Scroll down the page for installation instructions
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How many hinges do you need?

(lid depth (Fig. 1) x lid weight in pounds) ÷ 2 = Inch-lbs. of support

For best results, choose a combination of hinges that provides as close to your lid's required support as possible (eg. if the formula returned 125 you would use two 60 inch-pound hinges). Hinges are available in 30, 40, and 60 inch-pound ratings.

Note: If three or more hinges are required, the support-capacity of the outside hinges must be the same. Also, the hinge configuration should be symmetrical.

Installation instructions with JIG IT®

  1. Attach hinge to lid with 3/4" screws (included). For the lid to be flush with the back of the box, the top of the hinge should be 1- 9/16" from the back edge of the lid. To create an overlay, increase the 1-9/16" dimension by the desired amount of overhang.
  2. Note: Our Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge JIG IT® (23625) lets you to attach the hinge to the lid in seconds, and requires no measuring. Works great for both flush and overlay applications. Fig. 2.
  3. With all hinges attached to the lid, position the lid on the back of the box. Complete the installation using 1" and 3/4" screws as shown in the illustration. Fig. 3.

View Optional Instructions

Optional Instructions  

Installation instructions without JIG IT®

1. Make light vertical pencil marks on the inside back of your lid for the hinges' outside edges (marks in pictures above are dark for demonstrative purposes only).

Note: It is very important that your hinge layout is symmetrical. The outer hinges must be an equal distance from the edges of your lid, with additional hinges (if necessary) spaced evenly between them.

2. Make light horizontal pencil marks on your lid for the hinges' upper edges.
Note: For the back of the lid to be flush with the back of the box, makes these marks 1 9/16" from the base of the lid.

For the lid to overhang the back of the box, make the marks farther from the base. Marks 2 9/16" from the base, for example, would result in a 1" overlay.

3. Use the marks to position the hinges as shown. Attach the hinges to the lid with 3/4" screws (the smaller of the two included screw sizes). Pre-drill if necessary.
installation layout

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