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An Eye for Safety: Protective Eyewear

These days, it seems every tool you buy carries a warning label imploring you to wear eye protection when using it. And few of us routinely follow this advice. But don't wait to have a close call - or a painful and slow-to-heal eye injury - to start wearing safety glasses or goggles every time. Your second eye is not a spare part.

Before you choose eye protection, consider the following:

  • Eyewear that meets ANSI's Z87.1 specification can stop a projectile such as an errant nail, wood spun out by a table saw or a chunk of masonry debris without the lens shattering or frame breaking.
  • Safety glasses that aren't identified as meeting this ANSI standard, often termed "visitor glasses," may keep dust out of your eyes. But don't rely on them to stop significant impact.
  • Polycarbonate lenses, which are far more economical than glass safety lenses, scratch easily. Always wet-clean them and dry with them a soft, clean cotton cloth.
  • Comfortable fit matters: look for an adjustable model.
  • Your breath makes lenses fog over, particularly when you work hard. If you're also wearing a mask, it must fit well around your nose to avoid channeling your breath toward the glasses. Antifog coatings help, but they drive up the price and get scratched easily.
  • Get UV protection if you'll be working outdoors.

» Suggested Products:

Here are the basic kinds of eye protection. Choose the right one for your work ...

gogglesDeWalt DPG82-11 Concealer Safety Goggle

The Concealer is a dual mold goggle that provides extra fog control and ventilation with an impact resistant lens. Its dual-injected rubber provides a soft, comfortable seal, while the cloth head strap provides for a comfortable, adjustable fit. Built-in ventilation channel provides extra fog control and ventilation, and the clip attachment allows for easy lens replacement.

gogglesChemical Splash/Impact Goggle

» Protect against liquids entering the eye area
» Protects eyes from certain airborne particulates
» Protects eyes from chemical splash
» Chemical-resistant headband

gogglesProfessional Chemical Splash Goggle

Premium Chemical Splash/Impact goggle is designed to perform and look great. Sporty, ski-style goggle provides great protection, is extra comfortable and conforms to virtually any facial profile. Adjustable straps for secure fit and comfort

gogglesClear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses

8" x 13-1/2" impact-polycarbonate clear full-face shield with visor. Fully-adjustable headgear for maximum comfort; easy flip-up shield with tension-adjust. Meets workplace safety regulations including ANSI Z87.1, CEEN 166 & CSA Z94.3. Essential safety tool protects face & eyes from debris, solvent/paint overspray. High-grade polycarbonate provides clear view with minimal distortion.

gogglesHobart Oxy/Acet Flip Front Goggle

Professional-grade auto-darkening helmet with ultra-large 6" square view. User-selected variable dark-shades from 9 to 13; light shade 4. Automatic shield-darken reaction time of 1/10,000 second. Solar cell recharges internal Lithium battery-auto-darken works in all light conditions. Rugged impact-resistant polycarbonate, ratcheting comfort-ft headband.

gogglesWelding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle

Ideal for use with welding applications; Rigid 50 mm dual cup for optimal eye protection; Elastic headband helps the goggles stay in place for lasting protection; Number-5 shade shields against brightness; Compact design for easy, durable transport

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