Mounting Hardware

Mounting Hardware

for Mantel Shelves

Wooden Shelf BracketWe used to use different hardware and mounting applications depending on the size of the mantle you order.

However, we have found that the keyhole fittings shown here work best for all of our mantle shelves. They are recessed into the back of the mantle with equal spacing.
tools for brick wall installation

Mantle Mounting Instructions

Most walls are constructed with the studs 16" apart from each other. On a level line, try to locate the studs in your walls and mark the centers 16" apart. Pre-drill first then install the # 10 screws (1 ½" long) into the studs. Be sure to leave the screws sticking out from the wall approx. 1/4" so that you can mount your mantle. Adjust the depth of the screws as needed for proper fit. drywall anchorsIf you have trouble locating the studs, we included drywall anchors to mount into the sheet rock.

For brick installtion, use a masonry bit to drill the holes. Then install lead shield anchors and lag screws. Adjust as needed.
Custom Shelves
You Design it ... We'll Build it!

For the Do-it-Yourself Woodworker:

Metal Keyhole Fittings
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Keyhole Fittings
These fittings come in either single or double drilled keyholes. Use these fittings to hang wall furnishings such as speakers, knickknack shelves, etc.

» Use round head screws for powerful, wedge-action joining
» Available in either single keyhole or double keyhole design
» 2 fittings in one pack

Maple by the Piece
Maple by the Piece
½" thick / ¾" thick

Lumber: in Pre-Cut Lengths

All boards are machined S4S
(surfaced on 4 sides)

Using " and " thickness will work well for a shelf or mantel.
Cherry by the Piece
Cherry by the Piece
½" thick / ¾" thick

Crown Moldings

Unfinished Crown Molding

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
» Measures: 2¼" high x 23/32" deep
» Species: Maple, Oak, Cherry
» Length: 48'' long
» Length: 96'' long
» Also see: EasyCoper for Crown Molding
. . Take the guesswork out of coping crown molding to create perfect inside corners.
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