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HeartFor gift giving, storage, jewelry, knife, music boxes, art supplies, crafts, storage, etc, here is a fine collection of boxes for the DIY woodcrafter. Each handmade box is ready to paint, stain, decoupage.
Handmade 2 Compartment Box
2 Compartment Box

7.09" x 4.72" x 3.94" H
Handmade Pine Box
Square Pine Box

7.09" x 7.09" x 4.33" H
Handmade 4 Compartment Caddy
4 Compartment Caddy

7.09" x 5.9" x 5.1" H
Handmade Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box

9.84" x 5.91" x 5.12" H
2 Handmade Craft Boxes
2 Craft Boxes

4.72" x 4.72" x 2.76" H
Handmade Tea Box
Wood Tea Box

10.63" x 6.69" x 3.94" H
Handmade Wine Bottle Box
Wine Bottle Box
Handmade Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
Carved Beech Box
Carved Beech Box
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3 Compartment Craft Box
3 Compartment Box
Handmade Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
3 Plywood Boxes
3 Plywood Boxes

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