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notesHand Crank Music Makers

Charming crankshaft music boxes. You turn the crank to play a whimsical or beautiful melody!

❈ About these Music Makers:

Hand Crank Music Boxes ▸ Plays beautiful melodies
▸ Whimsical
▸ Old-fashioned
▸ 1" x 1½" x 3"
▸ Screws included
▸ See list ↓↓ of songs below
Amazing Grace
Four Seasons
Fur Elise
Green Sleeves
Happy Birthday
Here Comes the Sun
Hey Jude
If I Only Had a Brain
Jolly Good Fellow
La Vie En Rose
Let It Be
Love Me Tender
Over the Rainbow
Pink Panther
Singin' in the Rain
Stairway to Heaven
Twinkle Little Star
Unchained Melody
Yellow Submarine
You Are My Sunshine
You've Got a Friend
Wedding Day March
What a Wonderful World
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