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notesHand Crank Music Makers

Charming crankshaft music boxes. You turn the crank to play a whimsical or beautiful melody!

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❈ About these Music Makers:

Hand Crank Music Boxes ▸ Plays beautiful melodies
▸ Whimsical
▸ Old-fashioned
▸ 1" x 1½" x 3"
▸ Screws included
▸ See list ↓↓ of songs below

❈ Songs to Choose from:

Alphabet Song
Amazing Grace
Four Seasons
Fur Elise
Green Sleeves
Happy Birthday
Here Comes the Sun
Hey Jude
If I Only Had a Brain
Jolly Good Fellow
La Vie En Rose
Let It Be
Love Me Tender
O Canada
Over the Rainbow
Pink Panther
Singin' in the Rain
Stairway to Heaven
Twinkle Little Star
Unchained Melody
Yellow Submarine
You Are My Sunshine
You've Got a Friend
Wedding Day March
What a Wonderful World

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