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Old World Wooden Treasure Box

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Old World Wooden Memory Box

Old World Memory Box

Anniversary, Birthday Christmas & Holiday Gift for Him and Her

Old World Wooden Memory Box » Store important documents
» Use for chess pieces, car keys, photos
» Inside Bottom is lined with felt
» Functional and versatile
» Brass hinges and holder on the side
» Two keys are included
Old World Wood Treasure Box with Brass Latch - Black Stained

Old World Wood Treasure Box

from Amazon.com

This wooden treasure box was skillfully crafted to graciously store your most precious belongings such as prized chessmen, family photos, or small heirlooms. Also serves as a great place to stash your car keys and extra coins. This versatile vessel continues the fine tradition of boxes throughout history, combining function with decorative purpose, and will be cherished for its fine craftsmanship for generations.

» Outside: 11¾'' x 9.2'' x 2¾''
» Inside: Base - 10.9'' x 8.4'' x 1.7'' Lid - 10.9'' x 8.4'' x .7''
» Inside Bottom is lined with felt
» Felt-covered bottom - to prevent scratches to surfaces
Tournament Chess Pieces w/ Wood Box

Tournament Chess Pieces w/ Wood Box

Staunton chess pieces have been the standard for tournament chess since 1849

These attractive pieces, hand crafted in Poland from hornbeam wood, are packaged in a beautiful wooden box. Each chessman is weighted with metal.

» King: 3.15"; Queen: 2.76";Pawn: 1.46"
» Case measures 7.09" W x 2.36" H x 4.33" D
» Case is made from Beech and Birch
» Felt bottom chessmen are made from hornbeam
» Hand crafted in Poland