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100% Authentic Spanish Cedar Humidor

Humidor ▸ Sure-Seal Technology
▸ Removable Tray
▸ Quadrant Hinges
▸ Glass Display Top
▸ Spanish Cedar Lining
▸ Scratch-resistant Finish
▸ Hygrometer/Humidifier
▸ Holds up to 80 cigars
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Spanish Cedar Removable TrayThis box has an extraordinary design which features a high-quality lacquer finish and dual interior compartments for storing your rolls of tobacco. The Solid wood construction of the box houses the hygrometer and humidifier which have been fixed under the internal wooden lining of the box lid. The Interior of the box is lined with high quality kiln-dried Spanish cedar, which helps to preserve the aroma and moisture of your cigars by regulating air content in the box.

humidor hygrometerThe hinge of the box is designed with a solid metal frame work which makes it easy to open or close the box. The metal framework of the hinge also adds a high level of durability to the box. The overall finish of the box has a very study coating that makes it resistant to scratches and skid marks. It has also been optimized for cigar storage, perfect for anyone looking for an ideal storage option for cigars.
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