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Unfinished Wood Craft Boxes

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Alder Wood BoxAlder Wood Box

Genuine alderwood provides the perfect substrate for just about any embellishment, including mosaics, tiles, and paint. This box can be used as a keepsake box for jewelry or precious memories.

» Box top includes a 4¼" x 4¼" decorative surface
» Overall dimensions: 5" x 5" x 1¼"

Wooden Hinged BoxesWooden Hinged Boxes

Smoothly sanded boxes with brass-tone hinges and closures, unfinished, ready to paint or decorate as desired. Made of 3/8" thick pine with nicely rabbeted and glued joints. Dimensions given below are for the outside. (Subtract 3/8" from all sides for inside dimensions.)

» Rectangle Box: 7⅛" x 5½" x 2½"
» Rectangle Box: 6" x 4" x 2"
» Photo Frame Box: 7" x 5½" x 2½"

The Photo Frame Box is a hinged box featuring a photo frame lid that holds a 3½" x 5" picture.

Shadow BoxesAmpersand Gessobord Shadow Boxes

This solid wood art Gessobord shadow box is pre-primed with premium gesso on the inside. Each box is 2" deep, so they're great for dioramas, installations, and three-dimensional painting. Shadow Boxes are also archival and accept all types of faux paints and finishes.

» 6" x 6" Shadow Box
» 8" x 8" Shadow Box

shadow box For more great room accents, custom paint the shadow box to house a special piece of memorabilia or place candles inside. Walls of the shadow boxes are ½" deep. Shadow box interior dimensions are 1" smaller than the sizes shown below.

Ampersand Claybord Hinged BoxesAmpersand Claybord Hinged Boxes

Each Claybord hinged box is completely customizable and includes Ampersand's signature Claybord smooth surface on the lid's exterior and unfinished wood sides.

Decorate the top with any water-based paint, or try collage, photo-transfer, or other decorative techniques.

Boxes are 3" tall, measured on the outside. Hinges are packed inside for attachment later. This style is perfect for home décor, or as an artful gift.

» 5" x 5" Hinged Box
» 5" x 7" Hinged Box

Papier Mâché Boxes

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Creativity Street Papier Mâché TrunkCreativity Street Papier Mâché Trunk

This charming paper mache trunk is ideal for storing miniature treasures. Decorate it with papers, paints, stencils, or embellishments - the possibilities are endless!

» Each trunk measures 3¾" H x 3" W x 4⅞" L
» Each trunk has an attached lid

Paper Mache Box SetsPaper Mache Box Sets

Decorate a paper mache box for that special gift.

Four different sets of three to choose from - Oval, Heart, Round, and Hexagon.

» Heart Box: Set of 3
» Hexagon Box: Set of 3
» Oval Box: Set of 3
» Round Box: Set of 3

Papier Mâché Mini BoxesPapier Mâché Mini Boxes

Decorate these little boxes any number of ways: paint, markers, decoupage, fabric etc. Each box is 1½" deep. Perfect size for jewelry or gifts.

» 3¼" x 3¼" Heart Mini Box
» 2⅞" x 2⅞" Hexagon Mini Box
» 3½" x 2½" Oval Mini Box
» 3" x 3" Round Mini Box
» 2⅞" x 2⅞" Square Mini Box

Creativity Street Paper Mache Class PacksPapier Mâché Class Packs

Frames: This class pack contains 24 assorted frames, including six each of oval, heart, and rectangle.
Boxes: This class pack contains 24 assorted boxes, including six each of heart, oval, and hexagon.

» Papier Mâché Boxes - 24 pk
» Papier Mâché Frames - 24 pk

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