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Marc Adams Videos: Woodworking Techniques

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  • Furniture Making Techniques Part 1

    Marc discusses simple ways to design furniture and explores form, function, ornamentation, and the process of woodworking.
  • Furniture Making Techniques Part 2

    This video comes with a printable PDF file that contains the plans for the night stand, Arts and Crafts bookcase, and cabriole-leg table shown in the video.
  • Finishing Techniques

    He guides you through the process of preparing the wood before you finish, including lumber selection, managing mill marks, sanding, and removing glue.
  • Sharing Secrets: Methods of Work

    Marc covers design and layout ideas, tips on shaping wood, assembly solutions, repairing tricks, special jigs and fixtures, and finishing secrets.
  • Woodshop Safety

    Marc covers the importance of understanding control guards, shields, pushsticks, stops, and pinch points. Much attention is given to ways to eliminate kickback, along with feed rates, cutting depths, and how to stand at each machine.
  • Joinery

    The joints covered in this video include dovetails cut by hand, half-blind dovetails, how to cut and lay out drawers, as well as making sliding dovetails on a router table.
  • Fabricating with Laminates

    Some of the aspects Marc Adams discusses are how laminates are manufactured, cutting techniques, substrates, adhesives, post forming, edging, and edge-banding as well as use of a vacuum press.
  • Marquetry: The Art of Veneering

    This video illustrates many creative ways in working with veneer and the art of marquetry. Marc covers the selecting, handling, flattening, and dyeing of veneer, as well as what glues to use and how to press the veneer.
  • Wood Bending Techniques

    Marc discusses wood selection, bending-wood properties, understanding compression/tension, potential bending failures, adhesives, and proper conditioning.
  • Advanced Router Jigs and Fixtures

    Marc discusses helpful routing techniques, and how to build several unique jigs and fixtures to help in your woodworking projects. How to create cope-and-stile door joints, mortise and tenons, fake dovetails, inlays, circles, and ellipses are among the exciting techniques Marc Adams shares.
  • Marc Adams: Cabinetmaking

Marc Adams Techniques Videos
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Marc Adams Techniques VideosIn "Cabinetmaking," Marc Adams takes you through the process of making cabinets that you will take pride in and enjoy for years to come. In this video, you begin with the design and layout of both kitchen cabinets and furniture-type cabinetry, as well as choosing your materials and stock preparation. Also covered is carcase construction, making drawers, doors, mounting the hardware, making the top, and installing exterior moldings. There is a special segment on finishing and maintaining your projects. "Cabinetmaking" is an informative video by an accomplished craftsman that will surely expand your woodworking techniques and will be a resource you will refer to again and again!