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  • 12 Tablesaw Jigs
    Simple jigs increase the accuracy and versatility of your most useful shop tool. In this video, WOOD magazine's Jim Heavey demonstrates a dozen jigs that help you work faster and safer, whether you own a portable, contractor, or cabinet-style saw.
  • Building Bookcases
    This video will take you through step by step, from initial planning to the finished product. As you build this project, remember, every new skill and technique you learn building this bookcase can be carried over into other woodworking projects.
  • Building Cabinets
    Learn the basics of cabinet-building as you follow step-by-step through the construction of a bathroom vanity. Includes a 12-page printable PDF with step-by-step instructions and drawings for building the vanity.
  • Building Tables
    This video walk you through building an end table step-by-step. Includes a 12-page printable PDF with step-by-step instructions and plans for building an end table.
  • Face Frame Cabinets
    Following our step-by-step process, you can make beautiful cabinets: just one, or an entire kitchen's worth! With face-frame construction, an attractive solid-wood frame covers the front of a simple plywood box.
  • Woodworking II: Frames
    Hosts Avian Rogers and Les Cizek show you how to create a variety of your own moldings on the tablesaw, and with a router and a selection of bits. Then they show how to cut miters, rabbet the frame to accept the picture and glass, and even how to cut decorative miters to reinforce the joints.
  • Woodworking II: Outdoor Projects
    This video will walk you through building a sturdy six-sided picnic table and a simple, square planter box. All you need are a circular saw, drill, and doweling jig. Includes a 12-page printable PDF with step-by-step instructions and plans for both the picnic table and planter.
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Woodworking II Easy ProjectsWoodworking II Easy Projects
For newcomers to woodworking, this video is the perfect introduction to the hobby. For those who've been at it a while, this video offers great easy-to-make gift ideas. Hosts Avian Rogers and Les Cizek take you step-by-step through four easy-to-build projects: a towel rack, cassette rack, cutting board and band-sawn jewelry box with a drawer. Each one can be completed in just a day. Plus Les shows the basics of turning a bowl. You'll learn basic tool operation as well as pick up tips for making tight joinery and applying eye-pleasing finishes.
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