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Woodworking on DVD Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Learn woodworking tips, tricks and techniques using these DVD video training tapes by Rob Cosman - in association with ...

Rob CosmanRob Cosman has been woodworking for most of his life. While earning a B.Sc. in Industrial Technology/Furniture Design at Brigham Young University, he was Dr. Dale L. Nish's teaching assistant. Rob has also worked with many of the world's best craftsmen - including Alan Peters, Sam Maloof, Tage Frid, Monroe Robinson and Peter Korn. ~ in association with
Hand-Cut Dovetails DVD
Hand Planing and Sharpening DVD
Hand Planing
and Sharpening
Mastering the Dovetail Saw DVD
the Dovetail Saw
Advanced Handcut
Drawer Making-The Professional Approach DVD
Drawer Making
Rough To Ready DVD
Rough To Ready
Preparing Lumber
Hand-Cut Dovetails 2.0 DVD
Dovetails 2.0
Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon DVD
Hand Cut
Mortise and Tenon

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