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Veneers and Edge Bandings

Wood veneer, veneering tools and supplies from Rockler Woodworking
Unbacked, paper-backed and PSA wood veneer in a variety of species including maple, oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry and birch. Plus a great selection of edging, including Edgemate iron-on edge banding.

Allwood Two Ply Veneer
Allwood Two Ply Veneer

Pressure Sensitive Veneer
Pressure Sensitive Veneer

Domestic 3 Square Foot Veneer Packs
Domestic Veneer Packs

Edge Banding Machine

Discover why the pros use this edge banding machine! Allows you to easily apply hot-melt adhesive-backed edge banding to straight edges
Edge Banding Machine ▸ Elec. controlled heating element
▸ Adjustable from 200° to 1100°
▸ 120 volts, 1500 watts
▸ Rear-mounted on/off switch
▸ Top-mounted heat control dial
▸ Light, durable construction
▸ Adjustable, non-skid rubber feet
▸ Built-in cut-off knife w/ knob
▸ 27'' x 7½'' laminate table
▸ Maximum material thickness is 2''
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Wood Identification Kit
Wood Identification Kit

Plastic T-Molding Edging
Edging Banding

Plastic Edgemate
Plastic Edgemate

Veneer Variety-Pack, 20 Square Feet
Veneer Variety Pack

1/4 in Neatform Bendy MDF
¼" Neatform Bendy MDF

Gummed Veneer Tape
Gummed Veneer Tape

Lumber in Pre-Cut Lengths
Lumber by Lineal Inch


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