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Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Templates - State Park Font KitsState Park Font Letter Template Kits

Recommended for use with plunge routers, produce countless enduring, classic signs with thee "State Park" Font Sign Making System. These letter templates feature adjustable kerning for the most natural-looking layout of your text.

Kits are available in two different heights and include 99 template pieces (letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers). Included brass guide bushing is a vast improvement over the plastic bushing that was included with previous Rockler Sign Making Templates.
Each kit includes 99 pieces in total (letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers)
Each kit includes 99 pieces in total (letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers)
Templates attach easily with painter's tape, sticky discs, or double sided tape.
Templates attach easily with painter's tape, sticky discs, or double sided tape.
Included Kerning Spacers eliminate awkward spacing to ensure a natural looking layout of your text.
Kerning Spacers eliminate awkward spacing; ensures natural looking text layout.

Interlock Signmaker's Templates

Interlock Signmaker's Templates The templates interlock to form a stable pattern as you rout signs with appropriate carbide router bits and bushings (3/8" for 2-1/4" kits). Secure patterns to your work surface with masking tape, Self-Adhesive Discs, or double stick tape (sold separately). Each Letters Kit includes a total of 40 letters with duplicates of common letters and three spacers. Each Numbers and Symbols Kit includes two each of 0-9 and 9 common symbols including @ and &. Requires the use of a plunge router that accepts standard 1-3/16" template guides. All Interlock Signmaker's Templates now include free plastic guide bushings that will fit most router bases.
Interlock Signmaker's Sign 1
Interlock Signmaker's Sign 2
Interlock Signmaker's Sign 3

Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig

Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig Designed for use with just about any plunge router, the Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig lets you cut circles and ellipse shapes over a wide range of dimensions and proportions. Set up takes only a couple of minutes and is virtually math-free.

Using the jig is just as easy. As you move the router through the cut, the jig's sliding dovetail mechanism keeps the router precisely on the cut line.

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  • Maximum length for major axis is 52"
  • Maximum difference between minor and major axes is 8"
  • Includes jig arm, jig base, two dovetail keys, and two locking pivots
  • Single pivot can be locked to make circles up to 52" diameter
  • Pre-drilled for Porter-Cable 690/890 routers or routers with 6" base footprints
  • Made from 1/4" thick phenolic for durability

Other Template Sets

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Rockler Inlay System
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Router Accessories

3/8'' Signmaking Carbide Router Bit, 1/4
3/8'' Signmaking
1/4" Shank Bit
5/8'' Signmaking Carbide Router Bit, 1/4
5/8'' Signmaking
1/4" Shank Bit
Rockler Router Guide Bushing Kit
Bushing Kit
Router Raizer
Tight And Wide Router Bases For Porter Cable 690s
Router Bases
Router Edge Guide
Edge Guide

Router Fluting Jig

Router Fluting Jig Repetitive flutes are a great way to add style to columns, molding or furniture parts, but machining them can be a true test of patience. Fortunately, this innovative jig makes it fast and easy to rout perfect flutes with even spacing - every time. Two low-friction, underside rails straddle your workpiece, allowing the jig to slide smoothly along boards up to 8'' wide. The router mounts to a pre-drilled acrylic centerpiece, which slides laterally to rout out flute after flute. Scales on the centerpiece and writable/erasable indexing surfaces make setup simple.

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