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When it comes to cabinets, a lot hinges on the hinges. Their style and functionality have a huge effect on the overall appearance and performance of your cabinets and doors, maybe as much as the choice of wood or finish. The good news is that a wide range of hinge options are available, so there's an excellent chance there's a hinge out there that's right for your application.
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Blum Bi-Fold Hinges
Blum Bi-Fold Hinges

60° swing lets door easily clear any adjoining cabinet obstructions before it completely opens.

Blum 2-Way Nickel-Plated Face Frame Hinges

Blum 2-Way Nickel-Plated Face Frame HingesSpecifically designed for use with face frames. These fully concealed 35mm face frame hinges offer 2-way height adjustments and side adjustments. Hinges are fully concealed and have 105° openings. Self closing.

» Brand: Blum
» Open Degree: 105
» Finish: Nickel
» Style: Self Close
» Cup Diameter: 35mm
» Adjustments: 3-way Cam

270° Overlay Hinge

270° Overlay Hinge.jpgOverlay hinge swings the door completely around to the exterior side of the cabinet wall. Hinge is a perfect choice when you want the door out of the way for either access or aesthetic reasons.

120° Blum Clip Top Hinges

120° Blum Clip Top HingesThis 120° opening hinge is ideal for the majority of applications. Use the snap closing hinge for cabinets and the free swinging hinge for furniture applications. 35mm cup.

BLUM 120° Clip Top Face Frame

BLUM 120° Clip Top 3-Way Face Frame HingesDesigned for use with face frames. Includes three way adjustment. 35mm Cup. CLIP top hinges include sleek metal caps to cover both hinge arm and cup mounting screws.

Self-Closing Face Frame Hinges

Salice Excen-Three Self-Closing Face Frame hingesEnjoy simple installation and precise door alignment with these low-profile, 1-piece concealed cup hinges. Three eccentric cams allow you to quickly and easily adjust the doors.

Partial Wrap Around Hinges

Urn Tip Partial Wrap-Around HingesA no-mortise hinge for inset applications on frameless cabinets. Provides solid support for heavy doors - large surface area improves stability.

Blumotion Hinge Adapter

Blumotion Hinge AdapterTired of the jarring sound of banging cabinet doors? Your doors will close gently and silently with the new Blumotion® soft-close hinge adapter system.

Back-to-Back Wrap-Around

Urn Tip Full Back-to-Back Wrap-Around Inset HingesFace frame hinge with exceptional strength that requires no mortising. Urn tip, 2-3/4" barrel. Brass plated steel. For 3/4" doors. Sold in pairs.

Snap Closing Semi-Concealed

Snap Closing Semi-Concealed HingesThese hinges rest in a simple-to-cut groove and stay almost completely hidden from view, helping preserve the natural look of a wide variety of projects.
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