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Daughter Burlwood Cottage Garden Italian Inspired Traditional Music Box Plays Light Up My Life

For Daughter: Burlwood Music Box

This beautifully trimmed Italian Musical Jewelry Box makes the perfect gift. The Sankyo brand musical movement is enclosed in glass for an added touch of luxury. Use the photo opening to add your own special touch of personalization.

»: Measures: 8¼" x 6" x 2¼"
Plays: Light Up My Life
Handmade Italian Music Box
Irish Mother Music Box
'When Irish Eyes are Smiling'
Hummingbirds w/ Silver Inlay
Hummingbirds with Silver Inlay
'Wind Beneath My Wings'
Grandma You Are Loved - Plays Song Fur Elise
Grandma You Are Loved
Plays Song 'Fur Elise'
Italian Hand Inlaid Hardwood Musical Jewelry Box - Plays Piano Concerto No. 1 Op. 23 in B Flat Minor
Handcrafted Italian
Hardwood Musical Jewelry Box
Italian Hand Crafted Inlaid Elm Wood Musical Jewelry Box - Plays Bolero
Inlaid Elm Wood
Musical Jewelry Box
Italian Inlaid Wooden Floral Music Box
Wooden Inlaid Music Box
with Floral Design
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