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❈ Supplies to Build a Humidor

Here you will find humidifiers, hygrometers, box hardware, spanish cedar trays, DIY plans, and other supplies to help build that special humidor!

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❈ Cigar Humidifiers & Hygrometers:

HygroSet II Hygrometer
HygroSet II

Medium Round Analog Hygrometer Humidity Gauge Humidor

Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar
Xikar Crystal
Humidifier 4 oz Jar

Caliber Digital Hygrometer Western Humidor
Caliber Digital

Xikar Cigar Humidifier
Xikar Cigar

Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor

Xikar Round Calibratable Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
Digital Hygrometer

Rectangle Humidifier Humidor Reservoir

Visol Products VAC700 Humidifier Humidor

Spanish Cedar Tray

Spanish Cedar Tray ▸ Measures: 7½" x 12½" x 2¼"
▸ Includes 1 adjustable divider
larger view

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray

Spanish Cedar Cigar Tray ▸ Approx: 10¼" x 8" x 1¾"
▸ Includes 1 adjustable divider
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F.e.s.s. Cedar Humidor Tray

F.e.s.s. Cedar Humidor Tray ▸ Measures: 7" x 12" x 1.7"
▸ Includes 1 adjustable divider
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Glass Top Humidor Starter Kit

This unique Cigar Gift Set contains the following: Glass Top Humidor Starter Kit
▸ Humidor w/ 20-50 Cigar Capacity
▸ Black Finish w/ Brass Hinges
▸ 10½" W x 8¾" D x 4¼" H
▸ Spanish Cedar Lined w/ Adjustable Divider
▸ Brass Framed Hygrometer + Humidifier
▸ Double Bladed Silver Metal Guillotine Cutter
▸ Stainless Steel Cigar Ashtray
▸ (2) Two Acrylic/Plastic Clear Tubes
▸ One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit

❈ Spanish Cedar Lining:

Spanish cedar is really known for its very distinctive fragrance, and thus as the wood of choice for lining humidors, cigar boxes and cigar wrappers. Spanish Cedar LiningSpanish Cedar Lining
▸ Straight grained
▸ Strong but lightweight
▸ Distinctive scent
Choose a thickness:
1/4" x 4" x 36"
3/16" x 4" x 24"
3/8" x 4" x 36"
3/4" x 4" x 48"
1/4'' x 8'' x 24''

Solid Brass Quadrant HingesBrusso™ Quadrant Hinges

Top quality solid brass box hinge from Brusso. Combines hinging action and lid support. Excellent for humidor and small-box applications.

▸ Hinge measures 1" x 1" x 1¼" overall
▸ Requires an add'l 1¼" deep mortise for support arm

❈ Solid Brass Side Rail Hinges:

Side Rail HingesThick solid brass hinges coated with a non-tarnishing epoxy finish.

Two Styles to Choose from:
Side Rail Hinges with Stays
Side Rail Hinges without Stays

❈ More Humidor Hardware:

Antique Quadrant Hinges
Quadrant Hinges

Full Mortise Antique Box Lock
Full Mortise
Antique Box Lock

Small Box Lock
Small Box Lock

Small Piano Hinge Brass Plated
Small Piano Hinge
Brass Plated

Brushed Brass Box Catches
Brushed Brass
Box Catch

Filigree Box Corners Brass 4-piece
Box Corners
Brass 4-piece

DIY Humidor Plans

DIY Humidor PlansThis classic project features a Spanish-cedar lining for slowing moisture transfer and maintaining a humidity level ideal for cigar storage. The wood not only tolerates high humidity, it provides a pleasant aroma.
larger view
▸ Includes detailed article on installing quadrant hinges.
Get the Plans (download now or paper plans by mail)
▸ Featured in WOOD Issue 237

❈ Travel Humidor:

Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case
Scotte Portable
Travel Case

larger view

Portable Humidor Crocodile Grain
Portable Humidor
Crocodile Grain

larger view

Travel Humidor Lighter Cutter Set
Travel Humidor
Lighter Cutter Set

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❈ Cigar Aficionado Accessories:

Crocodile Genuine Leather Cigar Tube Case with Cutter Set
Leather Case w/ Cutter

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Cedar Wood Lined Portable
Cedar Wood Lined Portable

larger view

Typhoon Triple Flame Lighter
Typhoon Triple Flame Lighter

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❈ Deluxe Humidors:

Adorini Humidor Treviso
Adorini Treviso
60 Cigar Deluxe

larger view

The Broadway Humidor
The Broadway

larger view

Adorini Cedro L - Deluxe
Adorini Cedro L

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❈ Cigar Humidor Coolers:

Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel 400-Cigar Cooler Humidor
Whynter 400-Cigar
Stainless Steel Cooler

larger view

NewAir CC-280E 400 Count Cigar Cooler
NewAir CC-280E
400-Cigar Cooler

larger view

The Clevelander Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor Cooler
The Clevelander
Thermoelectric Cooler

larger view

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