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Build Your Own Humidor

Here are three different humidor designs we hope you'll like. Also available is a few hardware choices that work well with humidors. For more supplies check out this page ...

Humidor Plans

This classic project features a Spanish-cedar lining for slowing moisture transfer and maintaining a humidity level ideal for cigar storage. The wood not only tolerates high humidity, it provides a pleasant aroma.

Not a cigar aficionado? Simply forgo the lining and use the box to store jewelry or other keepsakes. The box holds up to three ventilated trays. Choose between two styles of patterned top. Plans include a detailed article on installing quadrant hinges.

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Walnut Burl Humidor

Walnut Burl Humidor

A basic exercise in veneering, this attractive 20-cigar humidor with Spanish cedar lining can easily be converted to a stationery holder or jewelry box by simply omitting the lining.

These downloadable plans use Walnut Burl to give the outer panels a rich, warm appearance as well as to provide a continuous grain pattern all around the box.

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Humidor Project Plan

Humidor Project Plan

This elegant accessory for cigar smokers holds about 50 cigars. The project is built using ¾ hardwood and can be lined with Spanish Cedar for a traditional finish.

Features include:
   » Measures 13" Wide x 12" Deep x 6" Tall
   » Detailed step-by-step instructions
   » Full-size traceable patterns (where needed)
   » In-progress photos and exploded diagrams
   » Complete materials lists and cutting schedules

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Humidor Box Hardware:

These humidor box items are brought to you in association with ...
Antique Quadrant Hinges
Quadrant Hinges
Full Mortise Antique Box Lock
Full Mortise
Antique Box Lock
Small Box Lock
Small Box Lock
Brushed Brass Box Catches
Brushed Brass
Box Catch
Silver Hygrometer
Hygrometer Thermometer
3 Finger Cigar Cutter
3 Finger
Cigar Cutter
Spanish cedar tray
Spanish Cedar
Humidor Tray


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