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Wood Rolling Boxes

The Supreme King beautiful large rolling box by "Raw Rolling Paper Co" will stash your tobacco and tobacco accessories within multiple compartments. Comes with removable rolling tray.

Supreme King Rolling Box w/ Tray

Supreme King Rolling Box

» 1 Large Storage Wood Box
» 1 Rolling Tray: 5¾" x 6½" x 2½"
» 2 Packs Raw Natural Rolling Paper (king size)
» 1 Raw Brand Hemp Roller for 110mm King Kaper
» 2 Doob Tubes + 2 Raw Natural Filter Tips
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Vintage 'Treasure Chest' Wooden Stash Box w/ Lock

Vintage "Treasure Chest"

» Solid Pine Wood Box
» Mahogany Stained and Finished
» Measures 7¾" x 5¼ x 2½
» 7 pc. Accessory Bundle
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Raw® Special Wood Rolling Box

Raw® Special Wood Rolling Box

The perfect size for your rolling needs:

» Removable Magnetic Top
» Curved Edges In The Lid
» Multiple Compartments
» Nice and Roomy 6¼" x 8½" Storage
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Raw® Wood Rolling Box

Raw® Wood Rolling Box

An improved design made with quality hardwood and metal hardware that will last for years:

» Improved Design
» Magnetic Closure For Compartment
» Hold Your Papers and Accessories Too
» Measures 3.4" x 5"
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