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Automoblox® Toy Vehicle Kits

Automoblox is an award-winning legacy toy line consisting of modular wooden vehicles that encourage young minds to build cars and trucks of their own design. Each Automoblox car features the character and heirloom charm of a classic wooden toy, fused with an updated modern design.
Automoblox Mini T900 Truck
Mini T900 Truck
Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck, Red/Chrome
T900 Rescue Truck
Automoblox S9 Police Car, Black
S9 Police Car
Automoblox X9 Fire Suv, Red
X9 Fire Suv, Red
Automoblox Mini HR-1 Hotrod Coupe
Mini HR-1 Hotrod Coupe
Automoblox Mini HR-2 Hotrod Roadster
Mini HR-2 Hotrod Roadster

Manhattan Toy Automoblox Mini's 3-PackAutomoblox Mini's 3-Pack

Take off on an adventure of learning, building and playing with these modular marvels of engineering. Delight and inspire your child with toys that foster imagination and creativity. Introducing, the Automoblox® Toy Vehicle Kits!

Automoblox® Features Include:

Automoblox Sedan 59 ▸ Unique modular design building system
▸ Lets kids design their own cars
▸ Each kit comes with 'little people'
▸ Spoke wheels and bright colored tires
▸ Pieces mix and match with other sets
▸ Part design, part construction toy

▸ Shown Above: Automoblox® 59 Sedan Blue

▸ Combines heirloom quality and old-world values with contemporary design
▸ Made of German beechwood and indestructible polycarbonate plastic
▸ Helps a child learn creative problem solving
▸ Teaches gross and fine motor skills, and visio-spatial processing
▸ Removable plastic connectors teach shape recognition and color matching

Changing Automoblox® Car Bodies and Creating Unique Designs

Pieces and PartsEvery component in the Automoblox® system is interchangeable: wheels, tires, roofs and wooden bodies - everything. The possibilities are endless. Take apart your Automoblox® and spread them out because the sophisticated design appeals to the children in all of us. Whether your child is zooming across the kitchen floor, scaling rough terrain on the sofa or taking the gang for a scenic drive through the living room, going on an adventure is only half the fun. Creating the vehicle that will take you there is all part of the trip, a trip the whole family can take together.

C9 Yellow Sports Coupe

Automoblox C9 Yellow Sports CoupeEach car in the series has its own unique VIN number, just like a real car. All cars can mix and match with others in the series to create your own unique ride. Made of solid wood with real rubber tires, plus the cars roll like greased lightning!

Automoblox S9-R Red/Black Sports Sedan
S9-R Red/Black Sports Sedan
Automoblox T9 Blue Mini Pick-Up
T9 Blue Mini Pick-Up
Automoblox 2005 C9 Sports Coupe
C9 Sports Coupe
Automoblox 2005 T9 Pick Up Truck
T9 Pick Up Truck
Automoblox S9-R Sport Sedan
S9-R Sport Sedan
Automoblox Sedan 59
A9 Compact

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