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Classical Guitar Mold Kit

Classical Guitar Mold Kit ▸ Made with CNC accuracy
▸ Use to laminate guitar sides & linings
▸ Springback compensation built-in
▸ Demonstration videos available
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DIY Electric Guitar Kit

DIY Electric Guitar KitThis kit contains everything you need to build your guitar. Just add your finish materials to the body and neck.

▸ Body is predrilled
▸ All hardware included
▸ Add your own finish
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Simplified Acoustic Guitar Kit

Simplified Acoustic Guitar KitGetting started in guitar building couldn't be easier with this Simplified Sapele Guitar Kit.

No power tools needed or special jig setups. Instead, concentrate on the fun steps including the decorative binding and purfling installation and the neck and fingerboard steps to make your next guitar, one that you can say, "I built!"
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