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Carpentry Kits for Kids

Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit has a wide selection of original woodworking kits as well as a complete world of tools specifically designed to suit a child's grip. These woodworking projects for kids teach and apply various skills according to the level of difficulty. Imagine it, then build it! Kids create project after project using smooth pine pieces in a wide variety of shapes. Include a lightweight hammer, plus nails, a guide with instructions for multiple projects and more - all in a handy 7 ¾" x 12" box. Kit includes a total of over 80 pieces. These DIY Woodworking Projects & Kits for kids are brought to you in association with ...


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Woodworking Vehicle Kits:

These kits contains everything your young engineer needs to create a functional toy with moving parts. The wood parts are sanded and finished with predrilled holes for assembly. When your kid is done constructing the vehicle, he or she can use This Paint Set to finish it any way they want!
kit image
Monster Truck
Building Kit
kit image
Recycling Truck
Building Kit
kit image
Building Kit

6 pc Tool Set w/ Box

Red Tool Box 4 Color Paint Set

Cordless Drill

Dump Truck Building Kit

Bulldozer Building Kit

Truck Catapult Kit

Bird Feeder Kit

Snack stand for your feathery friends. The perfect place to watch birds fly in and out as they enjoy a little mid-day munch! Red Toolbox is a complete world of tools specifically designed to suit a child's grip; complemented by a wide selection of original woodworking kits and a workbench. Tools required (not included): 2 x clamps; file; screwdriver; drill; hammer; glue and handsaw. 7.7" H x 5.5" W x 5.5" D ... Age: 8+ Years

Birdhouse Wood Kit

Bug Barn Wood Kit

Bird Feeder Wood Kit

Red Toolbox is a new, groundbreaking concept in the world of DIY, offering parents and kids the opportunity to spend valuable time together while learning new skills. The brand includes a wide variety of specially designed tools and exciting carpentry kits that let children and parents work, explore and create together. Work and play are intertwined, as the connection between parent and child is enhanced and strengthened through mutual activities that are challenging, educational and most importantly a whole lot of fun.

Airplane Building Kit

Fun woodworking project for kids and parents. Birdhouse is a wood project that can be used as decoration or as a bird house. Glue, clamp, hammer, drill, file, handsaw, fretsaw, screwdriver, screws, hinges, nails and sand paper are needed to assemble.
» Steps required include assembly, gluing, hammering, and sanding
» Designed to help kids develop their motor skills
» Empower their creativity!

Sports Car Building Kit

Speed Racer Building Kit

ATV Building Kit

Treasure Chest Kit

Fun woodworking project for kids and parents. Mini treasure chest can be used to store small trinkets. Comes with instructions and is easy to assemble. Tools required (not included): Glue, screwdriver, hammer.
» Made from Pine wood
» 6.3" H x 7.9" W x 3.5" D
» Included: sand paper, screws, nails, and hinges

Plant Pot Holder Kit

Classic Tool Box Kit

Sprouter Kit

Jewelry Case Kit

The jewelry case is a fun woodworking project for kids to put together with their parents, while learning how to use tools responsibly and creatively. This project includes all necessary hardware, takes stain and paint and requires an intermediate skill level (Level 2) to finish the project. You'll need a drill, hammer, and glue.
» Made from Pine wood
» 4.6" H x 11" W x 7.5" D
» Easy to read instructions
» Great storage idea for jewelry

Pool Table Kit

Mini Soccer Kit

Soccer Table Kit

Red Toolbox Airplane Building Kit

Red Toolbox construction projects are the ideal parent and child activity. The Airplane is free-wheeling and has a propeller that can spin.

» Easy to build
» Rubber tires included
» Measures: 10.2" x 10.2" x 2"

Candy Maze Toy Kit

Picture Frame Kit

Mini Golf Windmill Kit

Click Boxes Kit

Click boxes are fun woodworking projects for kids to put together with their parents, while learning how to use tools responsibly and creatively. It's made from pine wood and features interlocking shapes for fun stacking options. This project needs only a beginner's skill level, it takes stain and paint, plus mom will love it.
» Material: wood
» 8.6" H x 8.6" W x 4.3" D
» Includes: Wood pieces, fasteners, sandpaper, instructions
» Wood glue not included

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