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Garfield Dollhouse Kit

imageThis mansion has seven peaks as well as a full wrap-around porch, two balconies and two bay windows. You'll find easy access to the ten large rooms. In addition to the corner opening there is a removable roof section and a lift-off turret atop the secret tower chamber. With its wonderful gingerbread trim and lovely detail the Garfield is magnificent!

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Beacon Hill Dollhouse Kit

imageEnhanced by a curved Mansard roof, stately pillars that support the cozy porch, and three bay windows with decorative panels. Seven rooms are spread throughout the interior, separated by two spacious hallways, and they are furnished with attractive fireplaces and a winding staircase for elegance at every turn.

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Six Room Dollhouse Kit

imageCustom furniture for your child's custom home! These furniture kits are just waiting for that special finish you have in mind. Use your imagination to complete your dream home. Our practical and unique furniture will accent every room in your dollhouse. The authentic design sets these furniture kits apart from all others.

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Caring for Your Dollhouse:

Whether your dollhouse is a toy for a young child or decorative collectible for you, you'll want to perform some maintenance now and then. If the dollhouse is a cherished antique, you'll need to have a gentle hand when cleaning it. If the dollhouse is a plastic child's toy, you won't need to be as careful in your cleaning, but you will want to avoid any cleansers that leave behind harmful fumes.

cleaning suppliesThings You Need:
• Rag or duster
• Mild soap
• Furniture polish
• Storage bins

Follow these simple steps:

  • Dust your dollhouse on a regular basis. Dusting your dollhouse on a regular basis will help keep it in good condition. A damp rag or duster should be all you need. Avoid using sprays and chemicals on your dollhouse furniture, as they can easily damage the finishes or create oily build-up in corners and crevices.
  • Deep clean the dollhouse often if is is used as a toy. Plastic dollhouses can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, but be sure they are completely dry before replacing the doll furniture. If you have a wooden dollhouse, wipe it down for dust and apply furniture polish with a clean, soft rag. Test the furniture polish in a discreet corner before you clean the entire structure.
  • Store wood dollhouses away from heat and light. Avoid storing your dollhouse in direct sunlight, as too much light can fade the paint of your dollhouse or bleach the color of the wood. Keep it away from heat sources, such as vents and fireplaces, which could cause the wood and paint to warp and crack. Heat vents can also lead to additional dust collecting on your doll's house and the dollhouse furniture.
  • Store wood dollhouses where they won't get wet. Keep wooden dollhouses off the floor in case of a flood or leak of some kind. Do not store them in a damp basement. If water is allowed to seep into the wood, your dollhouse could swell or warp.
  • Keep all dollhouses -- wooden or plastic -- out of traffic areas. This will keep people from tripping over it and kicking holes in the house's side. For dollhouses that are played with and not just for display, keep the furniture in storage bins while they're not in use. This will keep the doll toys from getting stepped on, vacuumed up, or lost.

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