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Inlay Bandings: Traditional - 36" Long - glue on

Striped Inlay Banding
5/16" W
Staggered Inlay Banding
3/8" W
Greek Key Inlay Banding
3/8" W
Black Maple Staggered Inlay Banding
5/16" W
Maple Black Mahogany Block Inlay Banding
1/4" W
SW Inlay Banding
3/16" W
Zebrawood Inlay
3/16" W
Diamond Inlay Banding
1/4" W
Striped Inlay Banding
5/16" W
Angled Inlay Banding
1/2" W

All Inlay BandingsApplying inlay bandings is a very simple operation. Using a router with a straight cutter bit and guide, rout out a groove the desired width and just a shade shallower than the banding. Glue the banding into the groove. When the inlay is set, simply sand lightly until it is level with the face of the project. If stains or fillers are to be used in finishing the project, it is necessary to protect the inlay from absorbing the color of the stain or filler by first sealing it.

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Woodturner's Laser Cut Inlay Pen Kits

Mechanics Laser-Cut Inlay Pen BlankFire & Rescue Inlay Pen KitThese kits include a barrel and detailed inserts that get inlaid into position to become a seamless part of the finished pen. (Pen components sold separately)

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Mechanics Laser-Cut Inlay Pen Blank arrow

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