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Excavator and Dump Truck Bulldozer on Trailer
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The picture 'above left' shows the Excavator and Dump Truck. The image 'above right' shows the Bulldozer on the Tractor Trailer.
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Project Parts Kits are Optional:

Each kit contains all the specialty parts and hardware needed to complete each project. You supply the wood.

Toy Vehicle Plans ~ with Optional Parts Kits

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M1A1 Abrams Tank
M1A1 Abrams
Tank Plans + Kit

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M1A1 Abrams Tank
Mil-spec Iowa-class
Battleship Plans

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AC-130 Gunship
Gunship Plans + Kit

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toy vehicle
Dump Truck Plans

toy vehicle
Skid Loader Plans

toy vehicle
Roller Plans

Mil-spec CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Plans

Mil-spec CH-47 Chinook Helicopter To get this aircraft off the ground, it shares many moving parts with its real-world counterpart. The rotors spin and fold in for easy storage. A drop-down rear door provides access to a spacious cargo bay. And rolling landing gear enables tabletop maneuvers.

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toy vehicle
Motor Grader Plans

toy vehicle
Scraper Plans

toy vehicle
Bulldozer Plans

toy vehicle
Mobile Crane Plans

toy vehicle
Tractor Trailer Plans

toy vehicle
Concrete Truck Plans

toy vehicle
Backhoe Loader Plans

toy vehicle
Excavator Plans

toy vehicle
Truck Crane Plans

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