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Taking rough wood to the next step, David Wall, in association with offers some advice...

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Know the Joy of Jointers ~ by David Wall

There's an elemental pleasure to be derived from using a jointer. You start with a ragged-edged piece of wood. You turn it on its side and run it over the jointer's spinning knives. The stock that comes out the other side has a smooth, straight, planed edge. The jointer is the first step in transforming rough pieces into finished products.

woodLike many shop tools, jointers come in bench and floor varieties. Bench jointers are relatively small units that are meant to be bolted to a stand or a tabletop. The larger floor jointers are mounted on a heavy base that sits directly on the floor of your shop.

A jointer's infeed and outfeed tables should match the size of the work you plan to do. While it's important that your workpiece be well supported at all points in the jointing process, don't shun a particular model because its tables seem short. It's pretty easy to build table extensions yourself.

JET 6" 1 HP Jointer

jet jointerIdeal for home shop use, the JET Jointer with Quick-Set Knive System squares your wood without fail. Offering one of the longest working surfaces in its class, and featuring an exclusive auto-set quick change knife system that lets you quickly replace or change all three blades, this powerful jointer helps you build doors, tabletops, and other furniture pieces with ease

» Extra-Long cast iron table
» ½" Rabbeting Capacity
» 33⅛" long fence w/ 45° and 90° stops
» 3 high-speed steel knives
Shop Fox W1755S 6 inch Jointer
Shop Fox W1755S 6" Jointer
Porter Cable 6 inch Jointer
Porter Cable 6" Jointer
benchtop jointer
Shop Fox Benchtop Jointer

Powermatic 54A Deluxe 6" Jointer w/ Quick-Set Knives

jet jointer » 6" jointer with a 66" x 7-1/4" table surface
» Equipped with quick-set knives
» Powered by a 1-hp 1-ph motor
» Quick-set knives offer fast, accurate and easy replacement
» Heavy steel stand and cast iron center-mount fence
» Fence has positive stops at 90° and 45°
» Assembly required

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