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Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow


Drywall Cart with 3,000-lb. Capacity

Drywall Cart with 3,000-lb. Capacity

Features include:

» Ultra-rugged cart
» Solid metal construction
» A must-have cart for remodeling projects
» Solid metal construction
» Heavy-duty swiveling wheels for easy maneuvering
» Handle can be removed for easy storage or transportation
» Perfect for hauling up to 3000 lbs.
» Great for hauling paneling, drywall or plywood
» 48" H x 23" W x 40" D
» Deck size: 43" x 12"
Telpro 3070 Doorminator

Telpro Drywall Equipment

T-Jak Drywall Equipment

Telpro 3070 Doorminator

Troy Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

The Troy drywall lift is made from an all welded steel construction, tool-free assembly and teardown, single stage winch with brake, and can be used by one person. It has a 11-foot maximum reach for horizontal ceilings and a 15-foot maximum reach for walls (determined by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of drywall). It can hold a 4-by-16-foot single sheet capacity, with a 150 lbs load rating, has 5" casters, and weighs 110 lbs.
Qual-Craft Industries 2620 Adjustable Wall Brace


Trolleys & Snatch Blocks

Manufacturers include: Telpro, Qual-Craft, Diversified Tools, JHandles, T-Jak, JET Equipment & Tools, EZRip, WaldMann, Allsop, ZIPWALL, Agri-Fab, Corona Clipper, Ames True Temper, Brentwood Industries, Jackson, Sisco and Tipke.

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