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Action Whirligigs ~ for Yard and Garden

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Cat & Mouse Aviator WhirligigCat & Mouse Aviator Whirligig

Features this cat and mouse duo soaring through the air of your garden! When the propeller on the plane spins it allows the cat to waive and the mouse to bounce up and down out of his seat.

» Approx. 17" L x 8" W x 6" H
» Puts the "fun" into "functional"
» All metal construction
» Includes 3-part 47" pole
» Powder coated
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Dancing Owls Whirligig
Dancing Owls
Flamingo Chorus Line
Flamingo Chorus Line
Whirligig Hummingbird
Grey Kitty Whirligig
Grey Kitty

Spike Dog Aviator Whirligig SculptureSpike Dog Aviator Whirligig Sculpture

» Spike Dog Aviator whirligig sculpture
» Whirligig is handcrafted by artisans in Bali
» Charming wind powered kinetic sculpture for the garden
» Includes 3-part pole
» Dog waves and bobs and propeller spins when the wind blows

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20'' Cow Bike Spinner
Cow Bike Spinner
20'' Tux Cat Bike Spinner
Tux Cat Bike Spinner
20'' Witch Bike Spinner
Witch Bike Spinner
30'' x 27'' Puppy Bike Spinner
Puppy Bike Spinner

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