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Create Your Own Customized Shutters

Start by choosing from three available Louver sizes.
Click on a Fixed or Moveable Louver option below to get started...

1-1/4'' Louver Options 2-1/2'' Louver Options 3-1/2'' Louver Options
Fixed Louver Fixed Louver Fixed Louver
Movable Louver Movable Louver Movable Louver

» 3½" Shutter Measuring and Mounting Instructions

3.5 Shutter Measuring and Mounting

Shutter Mounting and Measuring

1. Determine mounting applications and prepare windows. ↓ Fig 1, 2 and 3 (see below)

2. Once window prep has been completed, determine the number of shutters desired per window.

3. Measure the panel height. For inside mount panel height, measure the total window opening and subtract ¼. For outside window mount, measure the total window opening and add the desired top and bottom overlap.

4. Measure for panel width by dividing the total window opening by the number of shutter panels and then subtract the appropriate gaps.

Note: Leave 1/16" gaps where hinges are mounted and 1/8" gaps between panels.

5. Take the measurements and plug them into the Shutter Design Wizard at to create your Bill of Materials and Dimensioned Plans specific to your shutters.
Rabbetted Stiles

6. Cut and shape frame components to size following the custom shutter plan. Don't forget the rabbets and mouse hole. Use a 3/8" or 1/2" dowling jig for frame joinery.

Mid RailNote: If an Optional Middle Rail (not shown) is desired, remove one Louver from the shutter and replace with a 3" wide rail with 5/16" rabbets on both sides. If you are making movable shutters, an additional mouse hole will be needed, and each panel will contain two control arms.

Shutter Design Wizard

» Mounting Configurations

Mounting Configuration 1
Mounting Configuration 2
Mounting Configuration 3

» Basswood Shutter Slats: Traditional or Plantation

Basswood Traditional or Plantation Shutter SlatsSave time and money by building your own Traditional or Plantation Shutters using our unfinished Basswood Shutter Slats!

» Available in three widths and two lengths
» 16" Long Traditional or Plantation Slats
» 58" Long Traditional or Plantation Slats
» All stock comes ready to paint, stain, or clear coat
» Ideal for fixed or movable traditional or plantation style shutters
» Hidden Control Arms for Shutter System
Basswood Traditional or Plantation Shutter SlatsNote: Basswood is a stringy hardwood. To prevent your drill bit from getting bogged down when drilling through basswood, be sure to go slow enough for your drill bit to effectively clear wood chips.

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» DIY Plantation 2¼" Interior Shutter Kits

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