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❈ CNC: Computer Numerically Controlled Carving Machines

NextWave™NextWave™ Automation CNC Machines

NextWave™ designs and builds small format automation application systems for businesses that need high quality technology that will grow as they grow. A Machine for every need from 12" x 13" to 25" x 50". NextWave™ CNCs feature a convenient touchscreen interface on every machine.

Add laser engraving and 3D printing capability to any CNC Shark.

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Axiom Precision™Axiom Precision™ CNC Machines

Engineered from the ground up like a large machine, yet it still fits comfortably in your shop.

Accuracy, repeatability and speed are the result of integrating only the finest quality components.

Ease of Use:
No complex software required. The powerful hand-held controller is intuitive and easy to use.

» Hobby Model w/ Stand & Toolbox
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CarveWright™CarveWright™ CNC Machines

Large Projects, Small Foot Print:
The CarveWright™ utilizes a patented feed through system. Much like a desktop printer, it feeds the material through the machine, so even with the small footprint of this machine, you can produce very large projects.

Fully Automated:
The ServoSmart™ controller is the most advanced CNC controller ever seen in an affordable CNC system. Five feedback sensors and automated setup give the CarveWright™ an undeniable edge. This intelligent feedback allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing.

Make Your Project Faster:
With the intelligent servo system, we are able to move much faster than any stepper motor system. This means faster project production time. Up to four times faster than any stepper CNC and for remarkably lower cost.

» CarveWright CX - 3D CNC System
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Powermatic™Powermatic™ CNC Machines

The Powermatic CNC line is the premium choice for the craftsmen who strive for perfection. The unequaled design gives the user the freedom of limitless possibilities.

Heavy duty welded steel frame and cast aluminum gantry supports offer extreme rigidity and accuracy that you've come to expect from Powermatic tools.

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