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Rockler Expert Advice Articles
Articles about Woodworking Techniques
Woodworking Techniques

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Routers & Router Tables

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Articles about Workshop

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Woodworking Supplies

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Articles about More Projects
More Projects

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How To: Evenly Stain Wood

... using Wood Stains, Pigments, Dyes and Toners

Different Stains on MapleEven using the same stains and woods doesn't necessarily mean the patterns or even colors will match across different pieces.

Build a project from a single board and the finished piece will be visually consistent. Use several different boards, even of the same species, or mix solid wood and plywood, and you may end up with an array of glaring color surprises once the finish goes on. Stain can mitigate color differences, but it may not erase them completely. In fact, the stain may accentuate the differences, creating a more obvious mismatch from board to board. Fortunately, using the right stains in the right order can help blend errant color challenges. Read More

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