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Wooden Tray Boxes

Keep your desk organized with some great tray boxes for papers, letters, mail, folders and more ...

Hardwood Stackable Desk TrayHardwood Stackable Desk Tray

Product Specifications:
⦿ Mahogany finish
⦿ Fits letter-size documents
⦿ Traditional solid-lock corner construction
⦿ Measures 12½" x 10½" x 2½"
Trays with Stacking Supports
Also available:
   ⦿ Legal-size: 16¼" x 11" x 2¾"

Alternative Hardware:
   ⦿ Advantus posts

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Desk Tray, Wood, 5 Deep, Legal, Oak
Oak Finish Tray
16" x 11" x 5½"
Wood Desk Tray, Legal Size Finish: Solid Oak
Solid Oak Tray
Legal Size Scooped Front
Walnut Letter Tray
Walnut Letter Tray
12⅝" x 10⅜" x 2½"

Double Deep Wood Desk TrayDouble Deep Wood Desk Tray

Product Specifications:
⦿ Measures 13¼" x 11" x 5¼"
⦿ Also see: Legal Sized, 16" x 11" x 5½"
⦿ Traditional solid-lock corner construction
⦿ Mahogany finish
⦿ Holds letter sized documents and folders
⦿ Ideal choice for any office

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4-tier Mini Desk Organizer4-tier Mini Desk Organizer

⦿ Easy to clean with mild soap and water
⦿ Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo
⦿ Use with office notes and letters
⦿ Great for kitchen gadgets and craft supplies
⦿ See more Lipper Int'l Bamboo Collection Accessories
⦿ Dimensions: 7⅝" W x 5⅛" D x 8⅛" H

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