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Big Rig for Little Drivers

Big Rig for Little Drivers Little cars and trucks pose a big problem: Finding a place to park them after playtime. This truck delivers a solution: Its trip-tray trailer holds 45 of the popular 3" vehicles. Cab measures 13" long and trailer measures 17" long.

Auburn "Boattail" Speedster Plan

Auburn ''Boattail'' Speedster Plan This beautiful automobile, with its boat-shaped trunk and carefully contoured parts, is more of a challenge to build than you might imagine. But oh, the results are incredible. Plan includes Buying Guide for the spoked wheels, but not instructions for making the wheels. This cool speedster measures 19½" long.

Chubby Choo Choo Train

Chubby Choo Choo More than 25 years ago, WOOD magazine reader Wayne Edwards of Ridgeland, SC, built the original version of this stout little locomotive for his two-year-old son. Today, Wayne's grandchildren are putting the same toy through the rigors of child's play. If it can stand up to 25 years of use in the Edwards' household, we'll bet it will last you for a few decades, too. 10" L x 4" W.

Farm Truck Plan

Farm Truck Plan Designed by professional toymaker Steve Baldwin, of Omaha, Nebraska, this hardworking 18" long stake truck pleases children and adults alike.

And thanks to these fully dimensional drawings for the parts, it goes together faster than you might imagine.

Construction-Grade Bulldozer Plan

Construction-Grade Bulldozer Paper Plan For simply pushing blocks around a playroom or gathering compliments about your woodworking, this dozer gets the job done.

For added safety, we've included a bonus article on tips for safer routing. Techniques that will come in handy when machining the small parts on this project. Size: 13" L x 8" W x 7" H.

Wrecker, Dump Truck, & Heavy Haulers

Wrecker, Dump Truck, and Heavy Haulers Trio of trucks and trailers, with a wrecker and dump truck to match.

This set of five heavy-duty haulers fills the bill for any child who loves diesel-powered playtime.

Toddler-Town Car

Toddler-Town Car Small children just love the rattling sound of the table-tennis balls inside the wheels of this foot-powered vehicle! Measures 21" L. Perfect for developing young muscles, this stable little car should lead the parade in any playroom. Sold as large-format paper plan only.
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