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Wooden Puzzles: Games that Make You Think!

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These games are brought to you in association with encouraging adults and children everywhere to realize their full potential by challenging their minds to push farther, probe deeper and think more creatively through game play.

Six Puzzle Gift Set

The ultimate puzzler's variety pack, this beautiful wood crafted collection contains some of the most popular and challenging puzzles of today. This set will dazzle and delight everyone from the dabbling novice to the serious puzzler.
Six Puzzle Gift Set Includes the following:
1. Falling Star
2. Star Puzzle
3. 3D Squares Cube
4. Snake Cube
5. Ball in Jail
6. Burr Puzzle
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Soma Cube 3d - Large
Soma Cube 3d - Large
Mission Impossible - Packing Challenge
Mission Impossible
Pins Cube
Pins Cube

DaVinci's Secret Sacred Myths and Legends Collection

Break the codes which will help recover the secret scroll that is entombed within DaVinci's greatest mystery ...

Family Games DaVinci's Secret Sacred Myths and Legends Collection Includes the following:
   - One Wooden Puzzle
   - One Secret Scroll
   - Instructions

» Difficulty rating hard to genius
» Box size is 12¼" x 6½" x 6½"
» 1 player challenge
» For ages 8 and up
Ball in Jail
Ball in Jail
The Perplexing X in a Box
The Perplexing X in a Box
Family Games XS Head Stress Series Branch Out IQ Collection Puzzle
Branch Out IQ Collection

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