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Can Safes: Secret Storage Containers

Protect your valuables ... in plain sight!

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Genuine Product Containers:

Remanufactured into secret storage containers. WD-40 Diversion Stash Can SafeThe Chicago Crime Commission states that a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victims home. Put the odds in your favor ... hide your valuables in plain sight.

WD-40 Diversion Stash Can Safe :
A unique home-security product.

Beer Can Diversion Safes:

Heineken Beer Can Diversion Safe
Coors Light Beer Diversion Safe
"Coors Light"
Miller High Life Diversion Safe
"Miller High Life"

Household Cleaners and Hair Products Can Safes:

Store your valuables where a thief would never think to look ... in plain sight! These exact replicas of household cleaners and hair products make the perfect safes, because they blend in with other household items. To use your can safe simply unscrew the removable bottom. Your valuables will be protected by the padded interior of the can, making these safes great for jewelry or watches.
Clorox Bleach Bottle Safe
"Clorox Bleach" Bottle Safe
Liquid Wrench Can Safe
"Liquid Wrench" Can Safe
Clorox Wipes Can Safe
"Clorox Wipes" Can Safe
Suave Hairspray Safe
"Suave Hairspray" Safe
Hair Brush Safe
"Hair Brush" Safe
Arizona Tea Can Safe
"Arizona Tea" Can Safe

More Can & Diversion Safes:

Perfect for Home, Office, School, Travel, RV's & Boats
Book SafeBook Safe
Hide your passports, currency, documents, jewelry, account numbers, credit cards, and keepsakes.
Jif Peanut Butter Stash SafeJif Peanut Butter Safe
Hide your valuable in plain sight. Functionality that is unbeatable. Weighs the same as full can.
Del Monte Can Safe"Del Monte" Can Safe
Made from genuine product containers. Screw off bottom. Practical gift for any occasion. Perfect for home, office, school, travel, RV's, and boats. Hide anything is in plain sight!
Ajax Can SafeAjax Can Safe
This can safe has the same authentic label and body as the real thing. Bottom unscrews to reveal secret hiding place for money, jewels, coins & important documents.
Dr Pepper Can Safe"Dr Pepper" Can Safe
This clever can-tainer has the same heft and feel as its regular household counterpart, but it has a hidden compartment for securing valuables. Interior: 3-1/2" H x 1-1/2" dia.
Barbasol Can Safe"Barbasol" Can Safe
This can safe has the same authentic label and body as the real thing. Bottom unscrews to reveal secret hiding place for any small object you must keep from prying eyes.

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