Don Li-Leger

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Portrait of Don Li-Leger

Featured Artist: Don Li-Leger

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Born and raised in British Columbia, Don Li-Leger has painted since childhood, focusing initially on the birds and animals of his native province.

Li-Leger's formal training includes studies at the Vancouver School of Art, Simon Fraser University and the Banff Centre School of Fine Art.

Regarding his 'Oriental Visions Series', Don says:
The paintings in the series grew out of my intensive involvement with monoprints, where I improvised and combined various imagery with broad areas of rolled-on saturated colour. Here, I have returned to painting, in my desire to integrate the spontaneity and liveliness of oriental brushwork that has long inspired and influenced me.

Using Chinese as well as Western bristle brushes, I apply acrylic paint and gels on canvas, often layering transparent colour or rice paper collage to achieve desired effects. As with much of my work, nature remains an underlying theme. In some paintings the calligraphy is taken from ancient Japanese and Chinese poems, and reflects my interest and studies in Asian painting, travels, and philosophy.