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Paper Making Supplies

Paper Products can be found everywhere you look, but you can make paper that is one-of-a-kind right in your own kitchen. It's a fun, simple process, and you can use the paper you make for drawing, writing, printing, embossing, or collage.

You can color it with inks or dyes. You can embed objects such as flowers, glitter, and threads. Or, you can laminate pieces together. You can even recycle "useless" items like junk mail, egg cartons, old wrapping paper, and dryer lint.

Arnold Grummer's Papermaking Supplies:

» Abaca Sheet Pulp
» Botanical Value Set
» Botanicals
» Cotton Linters
» Dip Handmold Kits
» Garden Casting Mold Set
» Papermaking Paper Press
» Papermill Complete Kit
» Papermill Pro Envelope & Stationery Kit
» Papermill Pro Station for Groups
» Papermill Station for Groups
» Pour Handmolds
» Seed Paper Flowers Classroom Kit
» Specialty Pulps
» Template Collections
» Tin Can Papermaking Kits

Other Supplies:

» Couch Sheets
» Papermaking Screen
» Skeleton Leaves
» The Super Tub

Papermaking Books:

» Creating Decorative Paper
» Trash-to-Treasure Papermaking
» Bookmaking and Bookbinding
» Books and Media - Papermaking

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