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Intarsia Patterns

Here are several beautiful intarsia patterns for woodworkers of all levels. These plans are rolled up (never folded) and mailed in a strong cardboard mailing tube to prevent creases and wrinkles. Brought to you in association with

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Intarsia Teddy

Intarsia TeddyNo matter if you're a novice at intarsia or a seasoned pro, here's an eye-catching project you'll enjoy building, and one that any child will adore. You'll find full-size patterns for cutting out all of Teddy's parts (including spacers for raised parts).

Each pattern piece has labels that identify the wood color, grain orientation, and grouping for easier contouring of parts. Now, get ready to put your paws to work. ▸ Get the plans

Four Seasons Intarsia Patterns

Four Seasons Intarsia Patterns

Intarsia patterns designed by Judy Roberts. Beginner to Intermediate Level Intarsia Patterns ...

▸ Spring: 8" x 8"
▸ Summer: 8" x 7¼"
▸ Fall: 8" x 7¼"
▸ Winter: 8" x 7"
▸ Welcome 10½" x 3¼"

Intarsia Snowman

Intarsia SnowmanYou can create this wonderful wooden snowman without freezing your fingers. Our snowman comes alive with a warm smile and richly colored woods. Best of all, he'll never melt away.

▸ Measures 8" tall
▸ Includes wall-mounting instructions
▸ Featured in WOOD Issue 75, December 1994
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Bears Eleven Intarsia Pattern

Bears Eleven Intarsia Pattern

Printed in red ink on high quality tracing paper. Beginner/Intermediate level patterns using Western Red Cedar, Aspen, Walnut, Red Heart ...

▸ Polar Bear: 9¼" x 7½"
▸ Black Bear: 9½" x 7½"
▸ Panda Bear: 9¾" x 7¼"

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