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Halloween Woodcrafting Yard Art Plans & Patterns

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Wacky-WitchWacky Witch

This down-on-her-luck witch measures 47" top to bottom and can be cut to shape in less than an hour. Easy-to-follow painting instructions and full-sized patterns make building this project a snap ...

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Wayward WitchWayward Witch

Ouch! This tree-hugging grandma of Halloween could definitely use better directions, like the kind we give you to make this whimsical 48"-tall yard decoration. And with our full-size patterns, you can knock out the construction and painting in an evening, which is quite a trick ...

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Scaredy CatsScaredy Cats

No bad luck with this pair of Halloween felines, just lots of second glances. Simply transfer the full-sized patterns for our 36" and 26" tall cats to 1/2" sheet goods, cut to shape, and paint'em black. Setting your yard apart this trick-or-treat season doesn't get much simpler ...

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Ghostly GatheringGhostly Gathering

A bit too friendly to do much scaring, this haunted duo will liven up any yard come Halloween. Cut from 1/2" plywood and painted all white, these not so unfriendly 32"-tall ghosts will be in your front yard in no time ...

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Tower O' PumpkinsTower O' Pumpkins

Light the way for little trick-or-treater's with this friendly trio of smiling Jack o' Lanterns. Our plans provide instructions and full-size patterns for a 36" tall tower, along with drawings for safe wiring ...

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Going BattyGoing Batty

Have fun this Halloween by dangling a few of these winged critters from tree or house overhang. Painted black with orange eyes that almost glow in the dark, our bats have a two-foot wing span. You can easily cut and paint a sizeable flock in just a few hours. ~ 24" Wing span ...

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Jumbo Transfer PaperJumbo Transfer Paper - (10) 18" x 24" sheets

Smudge-proof, long-lasting sheets. Erasable lines that can be easily painted over. Perfect for transferring the full-sized patterns to plywood. To use, simply place the transfer paper between the full-sized pattern and plywood (as shown at right), and trace the pattern onto the plywood. Can be used numerous times ...

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More Yard Art Plans & Patterns

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