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Wood Chess Sets

Handcarved & Elegantly Crafted ~ by Ketut Sandi

"Ramayana Garland"

From the Ketut Sandi workshop, this fascinating chess set has everything to be considered a masterpiece.
gameboard image Dexterously hand-carved on cempaka wood, every single piece, the board and the base are a display of creativity. The artisan's love for his medium is reflected in the intrinsic filigree of details that will make this piece an alluring present for any chess player. This set is foldable, and features detachable legs.

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"Into Battle"

The game of chess flourishes as a true art form in this folding table set with detachable legs by Ketut Sandi.
gameboard image Each eye-catching piece represents a Balinese god and invites close inspection and admiration. The rectangular table's intricate detail and elegant design deserve a special place in any sitting room. Carved from local cempaka wood, this timeless set will spark inspiration in expert, amateur and all those with a fine eye for beauty.

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