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Wood Backgammon Sets

Handcarved & Elegantly Crafted ~ by Ketut Sandi

"Mermaid Marriage"

Backgammon gameboard image With graceful bodies intertwined, a pair of mermaids exchange a kiss. Their hair swirls like seaweed in ocean currents - Ketut Sandi's tribute to their undersea romance. The images in low relief adorn a cempaka wood box, which opens to reveal the game board. Playing pieces and dice sculpted from sono wood.

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"Basuki Dragon"

Backgammon gameboard image Despite its fearsome form, the Basuki dragon symbolizes safety and protection for people. Ketut Sandi carves this naga (dragon) in low relief to guard a backgammon set. He transforms sono wood and cempaka wood into the board. The playing pieces are carved of clove wood.

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